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Our Best-Sellers

Detox Plan

One healthy week with 1 snack for the morning, afternoon and lunch!

21 Snacks    7 Days

Always Different

A different snack for every day during 30 days because each day is different!

30 Snacks    7 Days

Office NutWork

Eating healthy at work was never this easy with our special line of snacks to boost your day!

30 Snacks    7 Days


Choose your goal and we'll provide the ideal snacks

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Why should you choose nuts Original ?

Helps with wheight loss.

Improves you digestive system.

Rich in anti-oxidants.

Helps reduce arterial pressure.

A balanced diet

Did you know that our snacks have ideal nutrional values to provide a healthy diet? They were created by the Nuts Original team of nutritionists for this exact porpuse. 

They are essencial for your body.

Our snacks


Delicious and healthy

All our products are natural and previously selected by our team of nutritionists. In this way, you can have a healthy and delicious diet.

An authentic perfect combination of natural flavors.


Ideal to match with meals

With Nuts Original products you can give free rein to your creativity and show your family and friends how its possible to eat healthy and with pleasure.

Let your creativity out and indentif us on Instagram with one of your creations!


Where and when you want it

No matter what the activity is: work, sport, watching Netflix, travelling, family time or a party with friends, our snacks are here to be by your side anytime, anywhere.

Each pack was carefully designed thinking about how make the various moments of our daily life better!

About Nuts Original

Nuts Original is a brand already highly regarded in Portugal, we produce the highest quality of snacks and we have a wide range of products that will please you in the most diverse of occasions.

Our packs were prepared in the most elegant way possible to be able to accompany you on whatever your journey, our goal  is that you achieve yours.

We use the best ingredients, stil, fresh from the garden. Our quality control is extremely strict.

Our packs are carefully made to match our costumer’s needs. So whatever you choose, you can be assured that the quality is very good.

  1. Think about your well-being.
  2. Offer you a delicious but healthy product.
  3. Short lead times so can enjoy a better life faster.
  4. Improve your life quality.
  5. Answer all your quesions,without excepetion.

Don't miss out on anything!

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